The Cowbell, An Under-rated Musicial Instrument

Patron Saint of cow bellsThe Cowbell Project:

It’s the cymbal’s evil third cousin. It’s the dark ring that pounds in the back of your brain and lets you know, it’s time to rock. The cowbell is an instrument that can’t be overused. It should never be underused. Many great rock and roll songs are perfect because the cowbell is used just right.

They have an extensive database of songs that feature a cowbell. I don’t remember a cowbell in Rush’s In The Mood.

Be sure to check out the songs they’ve added a cowbell to in order to make them better, including Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce and Flesh For Fantasy by Billy Idol.

6 Replies to “The Cowbell, An Under-rated Musicial Instrument”

  1. whoa, this is strange. I JUST finished downloading the entire rush discography last night, and that song was one of the THREE that i listened to out of all of them. wtf, i didn’t even know any rush songs besides Tom Sawyer before last night! But my point is, i think i recall hearing a cowbell in there.

  2. Didn’t know Rush had any songs besides Tom Sawyer?! Where the hell are you from?!

    I picked In The Mood because I used to play it (the bass) in a band called Environmental Distress. Remember them? Sure ya do.

  3. i know, i have been living in a sad state of hibernation from Rush. This discography will fix things though. I will make Rush my new Beatles. i’ll know every song in a couple months!

    gogo Geddy Cairns!

  4. You are the smartest human being alive! Its about time some recognizes the cowbell. I put my pants on one leg at a time. The difference is.. I make gold records!

  5. Finally I have found you. I have been searching for decades and now I have found you. You remember the night after your gig at the Flamingo…well I guess i should tell you Jody all of the love child quintuplets have survived….and they want to meet their da da…..

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