The Devil’s Tip

Religious Tongue
Landover Baptist Church:

The largest, most powerful assembly of worthwhile people to ever exist. Unsaved are NOT welcome!

With a great article about the dangers of oral sex:

If you are living in a defiled marriage, meaning unequally yoked (wedded to a non-Baptist), and your unsaved spouse burns with lustful curiosity about oral sexual gratification, read this important article!

4 Replies to “The Devil’s Tip”

  1. Their definition of oral sex:

    “…oral sex, means the placement of a hoochie or a tallywhacker into a human mouth.”

    Oh man, they don’t even use good slang words….

  2. What gets me is that how can thousands of tiny “hoochies” or “tallywhackers” be in semen or vaginal secretions, and that goes on your tongue, they gestate, multiply and end up moving down to your throat and becoming a demon? Landover Baptist, get a grip, sheesh! That’s weird if true, but if false, it’s disgusting and where the hell did you come up with it? Medically speaking, the only thing you can get from semen, etc. is possibly, an STD or AIDS if the person is infected. Oral sex is safe if done with healthy people and you know your partner is clean. And I’m a Christian too, Bible-believing one! Man! When I read about this whole thing, it gave me an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. How do people make up these things? Wake up, smell the coffee, stop being so fanatic! What a disgusting article. Oral sex is ok especially between husband and wife to give one another pure pleasure, one reason, I’m sure that God said in the Bible through the apostle Paul, the “marriage bed is undefiled”. But anyway, get a grip you people over there. Some of the things on your little website are sick and disgusting.

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