The First Thing I’ll Miss When Civilisation Collapses…

woman in showerHot showers. I recently read this passage in Ian McEwan‘s Saturday, which reminded of its luxury that does wonders:

When this civilisation falls, when the Romans, whoever they are this time round, have finally left and the new dark ages begin, this [a shower] will be one of the first luxuries to go. The old folk crouching by their peat fires will tell their disbelieving grandchildren of standing naked mid-winter under jet streams of hot clean water, of lozenges of scented soaps and of viscous amber and vermilion liquids they rubbed into their hair to make it glossy and more voluminous than it really was, and of thick white towels as big as togas, waiting on warming racks.

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  1. the end is near…shower everyday…mayby twice….its coming the end,

    actually jody i have been hearing some “stuff” about the provincial government here requiring municipalities to charge water rates that reflect the actually cost of the resourse….water rates could increase from 2-8 times current cost for some muniicpalities…which is probably the only way we as canadians will understand and not take for granted this resourse….its gona be killer for industry….gotta go..wash my two suvs and fill up my hottub…

  2. A few months ago when I stayed a friend’s cabin for a week with no hot water, every morning I filled a lobster pot about 1/4, boiled the water on the stove, then added cold water until it was hot but not boiling, and I took the whole thing with a plastic cup, a bar of soap and a wash cloth to the bathtub. I’d use the cup to pour water over myself, soaking the wash cloth and spreading the water to get completely wet. Then I’d go at it with the soap (and shampoo, though I only washed my hair once the whole time I was there). Once I was lathered up and scrubbed all my cracks and crevices, I’d rinse with the remaining water using the cup and wash cloth again, and that was it. Seemed as clean as any shower, and probably used about a 1/20 of the water I would have in a shower. Also made me realize spoiled we are pouring gallons of clean water down the drain every day.

    I wonder how much water goes down the drain in a 15-20 minute shower? Or after someone empties their swimming pool?

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