The Gum That Tastes Like Soap

thrills gumThrills: that purple gum that tastes like soap. The manufacturer even use the slogan:

It still tastes like soap!

I found Thrills in Freak Lunchbox, a wonderful candy store on Barrington Street in Halifax, close to Doull’s used book store.

Freak Lunchbox is a treasure of candy memories: Bottle Caps, Laffy Taffy, Charleston Chew, Garbage Candy (came in little plastic garbage cans)… My daughter bought a five dollar lollipop the size of her face. I got a couple packages of Thrills (one for Phillip) and Pop Rocks candy. It was fun to see those old products. The store was busy too, but the staff was great; the place had a relaxed, amusing energy – probably because everyone was reliving their childhood candy memories.

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  1. You can keep the gum, but thanks. I can pick up a pack at Bulk Barn, where I also buy Bottle Caps (though they don’t look anything like they used to).

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