I haven’t seen a single episode of Doctor Who in the 47 years it’s been on TV, but I suspect these guys have seen them all.

I get the impression it’s the kind of show that if I did watch it, I’d never tell anyone. Like being a fan of “Two and a Half Men” or “How I Met Your Mother.” You can like them in the privacy of your own home, but it’s better not to mention it to any of your friends. So…

Does anybody watch Doctor Who?


    1. I might be proving our point, but both of those shows are funny… I wouldn’t say “brilliant” exactly, but certainly funny, which is exactly what they are supposed to be.

      Dr. Who, on the other hand… I dunno.

      1. I haven’t seen either of those shows – I don’t have cable; however, I did see 10 minutes of another hyped TV show recently: The Big Bang Theory. I didn’t laugh within the 10 minutes so I left the room. The geeky references and in-jokes were overt.

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