The J-Walk Blog Theme Song

It’s been around since at least March 30, 2007, but I just discovered it:

The J-Walk Blog theme song! By Phillip Cairns, co-author of Steel White Table. Maybe Phillip is for hire to create a theme for YOUR blog.

He’s also written themes for Whole Wheat Radio:


Station identification:

Steel White Table has two theme songs. Count ’em! TWO!

  1. The original SWT theme, written and performed by Jody and Phillip Cairns. Phillip posted about it once.

  2. The Steel White Table jingle, kinda. This was posted about before, too.

7 Replies to “The J-Walk Blog Theme Song”

  1. I can see people wondering what the hell’s so special about our SWT theme song. You really had to be there to appreciate it. (Though I think it has potential if someone could transcribe it. There are some nice accidents in there.)

  2. man I still can not get the “proctologist song” outa my head from Bowser and Blue heard it the other day…and while this sounds great Phillip, I keep coming back to

    “Respect your colorectal surgeon,
    misunderstood and much maligned
    slaving away in the heart of darkness
    working where the sun don’t shine”


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