The Man of a Thousand Songs

I was the sound recordist for the upcoming feature-length documentary about singer-songwriter Ron Hynes called The Man of a Thousand Songs.

The world première is on September 13th, 2010, at the Toronto Film Festival and then on the 19th at the Atlantic Film Festival and so on. (Ignore the press material where they misspell my name and give my credit to that other Cairns who has received at least half of my professional film credits because producers keep misspelling my name.)

Fans of Ron Hynes’s music will enjoy the documentary, but it’s also accessible to non-fans because it tells a good story. Singer-songwriter documentaries made by fans often turn into a love fests where not a single note from any song is edited from the film, which is fine if you’re already a fan of the artist. But a general audience unfamiliar with the artist will lose interest fast and, if they can, will fast-forward through most of the full-length songs. That pitfall was wisely avoided during the edit of “The Man of a Thousand Songs,” and the result is a pretty darn good movie. It might be a great movie. I’m too close to the material to judge.

“The Man of a Thousand Songs” will probably play on the Super Channel in Canada. A heavily edited version is likely to air on the CBC eventually. Keep an eye out for my credit. Who knows, it might look something like this:

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