The Mangy Dogs of Cuba

Jenny and I stayed at the Sirenis la Salina all-inclusive resort in Varadero, Cuba, from Xmas to New Year’s day. It’s like being on a cruise ship but with a beach and palm trees — and mangy dogs. Friendly, but mangy. It was the same during our trip to Havana. Friendly mangy dogs all over the place. What follows is only a sample. (All my Cuban animal photos are also posted on my Picasa page.)

Mangy dog #1:

Mangy dog #2:

Mangy dog #3:

Mangy dogs #4 and 5:

Mangy dog #6. This dog often slept on the beach in the sand during the day. Everyone just walked around him.

Mangy dog #7 (the only dog that would walk around inside the buffet hall):

Mangy dog #8 (this one also lived close to the beach):

And then there’s this guy:

He must be in thousands of tourist photos from Havana. Nice enough guy, though a little on the mangy side.

And finally one of the many cats that ate with everyone in the Sirenis la Salina buffet hall:

The buffet hall had birds flying around too. The dogs were mostly outdoors, but the birds and the cats where everywhere. Nobody seemed to mind. I didn’t care. It didn’t affect the quality of the food or the booze.

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