The meaning of “friends” has changed

friends tv showYou Have Fewer Friends Than You Think:

…no matter how many people you friend on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or connect to on LinkedIn, you can truly be friends with only 150 of them. If you have more than 150 people in your social circle, then you have to accept that the quality of those relationships is rather poor…

I’m not close to 150 and wouldn’t want to be.

The article suggests some ways to maintain close relationships with true friends, including:

Make a list of 10 close friends (parents count as 1 friend). Once a month, send each of them an email and schedule a time to meet, Skype or chat on the phone (aim for in-person chats as much as possible). Set aside an hour to catch up on life, work, hopes, disappointments and goals.

5 Replies to “The meaning of “friends” has changed”

  1. I’m soon going to have more FB friends for my beekeeping website than I do for me, though I ignore them all equally. In the real world, I don’t think I could come up with 10 close friends. I think most people make close friends when they’re kids, and not so much as adults.

  2. I used to argue that if I have not called you at 2am and asked to use your truck and you have not said here is the keys f..k off..then you are not my friend….people think they are your friend when really they are simply an associate….like some one ya talk to over the internet or a blog..who like live far away..and you never actually interact with..i mean come on how can they be your friend….I like that tee that states…..f..k off I have enough friends…steph will not let me wear it….I think my facebook profile sums up my approach…

    speaking of bees phillip my bee keeper says she knows a bee keeper in NF..I hear there are not many of you on the island…..i

    phillip can I be your “special friend”…..I think I am more comfortable as the retarded brother that the family accepts but does not take out in public….ohhhh wonder how many people that will offend…retards….

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