The One That Didn’t Get Away

big catfish

Thai men hook 646-lb. catfish, may be world’s largest:

Thai fishermen caught a 293-kilogram (646-pound) catfish that may have been the world’s largest freshwater fish, wildlife conservation groups said.

Wow. What the hell did they catch it with?

4 Replies to “The One That Didn’t Get Away”

  1. A large rope and a big fish. The fish reminds me of the movie “Big Fish.” In the movies lead character talks about this huge cat fish that lives in a near by lake. Everyone thought he was full of shit but liked listening to the story anyway.

  2. It’s funny cause I just read something that said when the fishermen kill all the big ones it hurts the ecosystem and stuff. Now they just killed the BIGGEST one.

  3. wasnt there a simpsons episode about homer sneaking off to catch the big one,,General Sherman…(I hsve not had televison for about 8years, so it must be an earlier episode) help me there was a line at the end were the bait guy is describing homeer in lengendary terms…”arms the size of tree trunks…etc. etc. I know there are simpsonites out there who will know this..est,man I hate real employment..I’m now spending time on this blog instead of doing my mundane duties…it will be over soon…back on the bike jode…

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