The Perfect Compliment Response

A compliment response for ALL occasions:

Well, you know, I do push-ups.


  • Excellent report, Jody.
  • Well, you know, I do push-ups.

  • Nice haircut!
  • Well, you know, I do push-ups.

  • That was a funny post at Steel White Table.
  • Well, you know, I do push-ups.

  • Excellent spagetti!
  • Well, you know, I do push-ups.

So, forget “Thanks”.

If you’re looking for a way to compliment someone, try The Surrealist Compliment Generator.

5 Replies to “The Perfect Compliment Response”

  1. You should qualify that with ALMOST all occasions. Here’s a secenario:

    I’m hanging out at my favorite brothel doing pushups, some super hot chick in a leather spandex suit with the crotch and breasts cut out comes up to me and says “good form on those pushups,” I reply “Well, you know, I do push-ups”.. I don’t get laid.

    All your fault.

  2. No way. It’ll work in ANY OCCASION. You don’t deserve to get laid if you’re doing pushups at a brothel; there are better things to do.

  3. No way, you’re so full of shit, I’d deserve to get laid for doing the pushups cause my manboobs would be all puffed out and sexy looking, I wouldn’t deserve it for replying with that inappropriate comment.

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