The Pregnant Man

A pregnant guy?The First Human Male Pregnancy:

The umbilical cord and placenta are implanted into Mr. Lee’s body. The metabolic exchanges between the fetus and patient, between mucosal with chorionic tissues, are almost analagous to female pregnancies. For more information, please see our Science of Male Pregnancy web page.

Warning: disturbing photo of a pregnant man in his underwear on the site’s home page.

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  1. Thats ***king nasty, and why and the hell would a man want to carry a baby?!?!? You guys are sick and I know Its all made up anyway!!

  2. This post is from July, 2004. Your first comment at SWT was around April, 2005. I think that’s when you discovered the World Wide Web.

  3. this is great…next time i go swimming i am going to act all indignant…i am not fat…i am pregnant…oh yeah this is fabulous…how did i miss this post….

  4. why would he get pregnent!
    there are millions of innocent children who do not have kids and that is a waste!
    why are you messing with the world? leave it as is!
    adopt a child!
    sick people!

  5. Jody I may be mistaken…but perhaps you could install some kind of technology like in “logans run” but in reverse…if you are under a certain age and comment on this site you get zapped….no need for the ritual ceremony…ya just get zapped….

    better yet you could design it for intelligence…


  6. Interestingly enough, there is a man somewhere in the states who is pregnant with his wife’s child. It involves high risk pregnancies (hers) and the fact he was born a she and still has a womb. Maybe I’m a product of my liberal upbringing, but my first thought on hearing it was “awww – good for them!”

  7. it is soooo sick for a man to have a child. I say that because that is not the way god want it to be if so a man and a woman will both be women.

  8. How does anyone know what God wants? Maybe God just wants to have a beer and watch the hockey game — or the new season of Battlestar Galactica.

  9. so-lonely-girl: Dude, men have children all the time. Most who do are called “fathers”. Maybe you’re familiar with the concept?

    Phillip: Amen. I know where I’m going to be Friday night!

  10. I do.. I talk to him/her everyday….and he/she agrees with Phillip…except its kinda a drag cause now I know the ending to Battlestar Galactica…..

    tasers man…tasers…we should be allowed to use tasers on this site…

  11. This world is coming to an end.How is that possible a man gets Pregnant.Is it maybe that he was a she.No one can beat Nature.Its clear evidence that the some people don’t have anything do in this World.

  12. Larry,

    “Its clear evidence that the some people don’t have anything do in this World.”

    You must be speaking from experience, then.

  13. Ok well everyone is saying how sick and nasty it is to have a baby if you are male. Only girls are supposed to have them, well you guys dont know what your talking about this male used to be a woman so it wouldnt matter he/she, could have a baby i think instead of people being discusted about the situation get some respect and put yourself in their possiton because not everyone is perfect, when you are writing your little mean comments htink about your life and how imperfect things are. Some people are very fortunant to have what they have. Including a baby, as long as someone was happy it was happening. you dont know someones real feelings or someones hurts or cries because people like you guys say things that hurt the most. i think people should be proud of them for taking a big staep and going thorugh with everything. But i guess thats too much to ask considering everyone has their own opinion. Well maybe when you see this you can think of a less rude way of saying how you feel. thanks


  14. Most of the people who have posted here are ignorant. Very much. With the exception of tommyboy. And thank you for saying something that has point on this. It is possible, so don’t go blabbering on with your ignorant little mouths about something that is entirely possible. The pregenet guy used to be a girl, and therefore has all the parts needed to produce a baby. Simple, y’all. Geez.

  15. I’m glad people like “Sunstorm” are here to set us straight — and Tommyboy. God bless you both, especially Tommyboy. Think Pink, indeed.

  16. can the laser beams be color coded..light shock…medium and frazzeled…I feel so free now to write whatever ignorant drivel that may slough out of my ignorant little mouth…ahhhhhhh

    I am assuming phillip that the “treasure” has arrived…

    And phillip watch with those “God Bless” thingys…guy could get hurt….

  17. Shy and Sunstorm: THANK YOU. Finally – someone stating the obvious!

    Sunstorm: Apparently you missed the last sentence in my first comment, and all the snark that flowed from the negative comments.

  18. Yeah man if there is guys getting prego out there who’s prego now?! (Just wondering, but in other cases that’s not how life goes yea know?) I’m not trying to make a big fuss about it it’s just weird to me…

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