The Product Being Manufactured Is You

Adbusters takes TV networks to court:

For more than a decade, Adbusters has been trying to buy airtime for its TV messages. These 15- and 30-second “social marketing” spots tackle issues from obesity to environmental destruction to consumer consumption. Never seen them before? That’s because most broadcasters flatly refuse to show them.

Adbusters posted the censored ads and the Broadcasters’ rejections.

If they win this legal action (calling it a fight for “media democracy”), look out corporations.

(Thanks, Jenny)

3 Replies to “The Product Being Manufactured Is You”

  1. go pick up an Adbusters magazine sometime from your local magazine shop. see if you can get through the first 10 pages without feeling just as dirty as the corporations we’d like to put a stop to.

    They endorse all kinds of illegal ways of getting your point across. i don’t much agree with adbusters, or their own cute way of doing business.

  2. I have a few copies of AdBusters laying around the house, and although after a few pages I think, “Alright, enough already, I get it,” I’d rather have a magazine or an organization like AdBusters around than not.

    As for their illegal means of getting their point across, aren’t they mostly talking about defacing public ads around town? That’s no worse than selling McDonald’s french fries to 3-year-olds.

    Civil disobedience. Don’t knock until you try it.

  3. I think the problem with any kind of “fight the power” group like this is that eventually they get so big (as Adbusters have) and start to make so much money(as they ARE) that you’re no longer a credible source of information about the evils you’re fighting against, since you are part of the same group of evil corporate monkeys that everyone hates, and at that point, you’re probably just as corrupt… :/

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