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  1. STAR WARS fans with a dial-up connection can view some screenshots from the trailer here.

    1. Anakin turned to the dark side (with yellow eyes).
    2. A guy riding a big insect through lava.
    3. A CGI Chewie.
    4. Some ships fighting.
    5. Yoda getting ready to kick ass.
    6. R2-D2 strapped in tight.
    7. A whole bunch of CGI wookies.
    8. One evil-looking mother (new character).
    9. Fire-fighting ship putting out a fire.
    10. More ships on fire.

    There are other shots of Obw-wan and Anakin fighting, Sam Jackson’s character fighting, a gold-plated C3-PO, a shot of the Emperor and what’s-her-name, Queen Amadela (Luke’s mom), and the opening shows the REAL Obi-wan from the original Star Wars talking about how Darth Vader turned to evil and all that. But they all looks the same.

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