The Sarcasm Point

Sarcasm PointA Giant Step Forward for Punctuation¡ – Introducing the long-awaited sarcasm point:

The English language must evolve. Not with emoticons or lol or brb or l8r or GRATUITOUS all caps used for emphasis, not with Spanglish or bumbling Bushisms or even cryptic Kerryisms. We don’t need more quotation marks that “hedge” or try to make the same “old” thing sound “fresh”…
It is time for the adoption of the sarcasm point. Why the sarcasm point? We have a mark that conveys that we mean or know something. We have one that says it with volume and force! We have one that communicates that we don’t know something, don’t we?

I agree¡

4 Replies to “The Sarcasm Point”

  1. so they don’t give us the actual sarcasm point, is that supposed to be sarcastic of them!?

    i think it should be |

    “that 300 pound chick next door is HOT|”

  2. They did give the actual sarcasm point, it’s the inverted exclamation (alt+0161). Maybe your browser is in “teh sux” mode and doesn’t display it¡

  3. You could also just type option+! if you had a Mac. Maybe ChrisO is in regular human mode and can’t keep track of a crazy list of 4 digit character codes. Aside from that, though, Windows is greatest¡

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