The Slappy White Challenge

Who is Slappy White?

THE CHALLENGE: Answer the question honestly without searching the ‘net or referencing any kind of media. (And without reading anyone else’s answer if possible.)

My answer: Never heard of ’em.

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9 Replies to “The Slappy White Challenge”

  1. Slappy White was a black comedian who was popular…er…was around in the late 1970’s. I used to see him on the game show – Match Game.

    I guess this is why you need old guys like me around.

  2. Who? You mean it is a who? I thought it was a verb. One that applied to a specific action taken by teenage boys and long married men. (or guys incarcerated)

  3. “Slappy” suggests bass playing to me, but Phillip has no interest in that, so I’m going to guess another musical instrument, say banjo.

    And since it’s musical, names often are related to what they do or what they’re like. I’m guessing “White” is related to “Black”, thus…

    Slappy White is a black banjo player, which makes me think: I don’t recall any non-white banjo players. That’s a question for J-Walk.

  4. Second guess…

    Slappy White is the original name for this blog. It’s not really Steel White Table, it’s Slappy White Tossing.

    Changes the story in the about section of this blog for sure.

  5. We’re just having fun, Tiffany. A friend of mine mentioned Slappy White a couple days ago, and my first reaction was, “Who the hell is Slappy White?” I had to laugh because Slappy White is one of the funniest names I’ve ever heard. My friend knew Slappy from the TV game show, Match Game. I’ve since done my research and I know that Slappy helped pave the way for many African-American comedians. But please don’t misinterpret the humour that I find in the name Slappy White as any kind of disrespect towards the person or his legacy.

    Here’s the only video I could find of Slappy online.

  6. Slappy White was a comedian. He lived in Jersey for some time. I actually have a picture of him with my grandmother. So, some of us know who Slappy White is. FYI-he’s a Black comedian, and no, he’s not a banjo (or any instrument) player. Now that some of you have gotten the question wrong, you can feel free to google (or whatever other search site you prefer) him.

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