The Sound Of Serenity

iSerenity Environments

offers a relaxing web-based experience that delivers soothing sounds and images designed to reduce stress and calm nerves. Use iSerenity while at work or at home.

Pure white noise is soothing?

3 Replies to “The Sound Of Serenity”

  1. In the book I’m reading now, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, the narrator is an autistic 15 year old who says he likes the sound of white noise because it’s like silence but not empty.

    It’s a really cool book.

  2. I read it when it came out. I forgot about that. Excellent book.

    Incidently, your comment above was the 1,000th comment to be added to Steel White Table. Your prize is a big smooch from the next person you encounter.

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