The Steepest Street

steep baldwin street new zealandBaldwin Street, Dunedin, New Zealand is considered the steepest street:

…Baldwin Street is officially recognized as the world’s steepest street at a 35% grade…. At its maximum, the slope of Baldwin Street is approximately 1:2.86 (19° or 35%) – that is, for every 2.86 metres travelled horizontally, the altitude rises by 1 metre.

The photo shown is what the house would look like if the road were level.

I wonder if the street has a peak such that you fly off it in a car, like you see in movies that take place in San Fransisco.

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  1. I think Phil is right. I’m not about to get a compass to do it, but I might take a some pictures next time I’m home and compare then with the one on this site…

    Maybe for Guinness there needs to be a minimum distance at which this steepness is maintained…

  2. I’ll bring my video cam the next time I go downtown. There’s at least one street, I can’t remember the same of it now, but I’m confident it’s at least 35 degrees, if not 45. It’s the one off Duckworth a block down from Fred’s, I think.

  3. Phil’s talking about The Hill O’Chips. Also, there’s a hill directly across from the Basilica…Garrison Hill, or Cathedral Street, something like that.

  4. Yup it is that steep, and you should try driving up it with a rental motorhome! I’m glad we rented a automatic! Even still there were things flying around in the back on the way up. It was fun! Never been to Newfoundland, maybe the streets are steeper there?

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