The “Super Size Me” Guy’s Other Docutainment Flick

  I just made that up — docutainment. But that’s what Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold boils down to — an entertaining documentary, edging more towards entertainment than documentary. It’s about Morgan Spurlock‘s attempt to get the movie made through product placement. We see him make pitches to various companies. Finally a company, Pom Wonderful, agrees to finance the movie, and they don’t seem like such a bad company, but not looking bad is probably part of their deal. Other minor sponsors get in on the action. The rest of the movie is filled with product placements. In every scene, someone is drinking Pom Wonderful. Every interview takes place in a specific restaurant chain. Everyone in the movie drives a Ford, etc. — and it’s all blatant. Most blockbuster movies are vehicles for selling other products. No big revelation there, but the movie is humorous and informative, and Pom Wonderful does seem like a healthy alternative to soda pop.

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