There’s a Dead Bird In My Sink

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, a day to give the turkey industry a boast. My dead turkey’s name is Joseph. He’s being cooked for about 3 hours at 325°. We’re having cheesecake for desert, which is what I’m looking forward to the most.

Unrelated to this topic, here are some closeup photos of things around my house, including one of me looking stupid, per usual.

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  1. My parents got me a Hamilton Beach Roaster a couple of years ago. Cooks the bird about 1 hour quicker and it is super moist. Next year I think I am adding a load of bacon to the turkey, cause you know the turkey isn’t fattening enough as is.

    Michelle made Rum Cake and my mom sent Greek Cake (Ekmek). I ate like 5 or 6 pieces. I could eat turkey 5 days of the week easy!

    BTW, the pictures are cool.

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