2 Replies to “There’s Probably No Cod…”

  1. There’s been a moratorium on cod in Newfoundland since before I moved here in ’96. And there has never been a shortage of cod in the grocery stores or the fish & chips shops.

    What’s up with that?

  2. moratorium..1992…cod is probably north sea or other far far away cod….and is just tiny fish….

    at the time of the moratorium there were some who believed that the bio mass of that population of cod was so small that it may never recover…. an early federal report from the twenties predicted the erradication of the fish stocks and habitat…it was commissioned in response to the introduction of more mechanized fishing…(motors, otter trawls, improved refrigeration, developing markets for fish)…you really shoud be attempting to aquire a taste for jelly fish….thats what I tell my kids everytime they moan when I give em fish….because the future of seafood will be jelly…..

    hey if there is tiny cods ……does that mean there may be tiny god(s)

    and is there a plural to cod….

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