Things You Should Buy Used

10 things you shouldn’t buy new:

Obviously, some things are best purchased new; lingerie pops to mind. But lots of other stuff depreciates quickly while still having plenty of useable life left. Here are 10 items where the cost vs. use equation strongly tilts toward buying used.

  1. Books
  2. DVDs, CDs and videos
  3. Little kids’ toys
  4. Jewelry
  5. Sports equipment
  6. Timeshares
  7. Cars
  8. Software and console games
  9. Office furniture
  10. Hand tools

For each item the article lists exceptions to the rule, such as this one for Cars:

You can pay cash and you really, really want that new-car smell.

Update: Don’t buy used British submarines.

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  1. Little kids’ clothes! They grow out of them before they wear them out; you can find a lot of good deals at yard sales and consignment stores.

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