Think Before You Steal

think pink signAs I reported previously, Tommyboy is looking to get voted on his town’s council; however, his pink election signs are being stolen:

They’ve been disappearing at an alarming rate since the first ones went up Saturday night, he said.
“If it keeps up, he’ll have none left long before election day.”
Pink figures it must be people collecting the unusual signs, rather than anyone trying to damage his campaign. The eight inch by 48-inch signs simply say “Think” against a solid pink background.
“All I’m saying is think. You don’t have to vote for me. Vote for someone else if you want, just think about it.”

Update (Oct. 28, 2006): Tom told me he found the sign while googling for tom pink political sign. It’s from It’s the one on the right. Click it for a large version of it (from the original photographer).

Update (Nov. 14, 2006): Tommyboy won. To quote him:

What the fuck have I done….I got on…last spot…beat the incumbent by 250 votes…only new guy to get on..

13 Replies to “Think Before You Steal”

  1. Downloading signs from streetcorners isn’t wrong and I’m tired of the fat cats complaining about it.

    And Jody, that should’ve been a png or gif, not a jpg, man! You call yourself an Internet nerd?!?

  2. Google served an Advil PM banner graphic ad for this post… I think it’s a hint that it’s related to putting people to sleep.


  3. Firefox blocks all my ads, so I switched to IE to see if I could recreate the magic mentioned; alas, I only see ads for Ear infections. Apropos?

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