Those Irritating Tags On The Back Of Shirt Collars

t-shirt with no label on the backOn the back of most shirts is a stiff tag that tells you where the garment was made and how to wash it; however, its main purpose is to scratch the back of your neck and make you look retarded as it sticks out like a surrender flag waving in the air.

On my last trip to the U.S. I found Fruit Of The Loom t-shirts that had no tags! The information was printed on the back of the t-shirt instead, where the tag would be. After repeated washings the information is still legible, AND you can’t see the writing through the shirt; it’s unobtrusive.

Now pillow manufacturers need to follow suit.

6 Replies to “Those Irritating Tags On The Back Of Shirt Collars”

  1. Man! You are easily impressed!

    Did you know that you can buy soda with a twist off cap nowadays? … and there are little gadgets you can keep on the coffee table that you use to turn the television on and off AND change the channels with?

  2. Remember when remotes were just long extension cords attached to the VCR or TV – not remote at all? The dog used to chew the wire all the time.

  3. I remember when I had to GET UP and TURN A KNOB on the television to change the channel, and there were only 12 channels — and that was Cable! (Today I only have 2 channels. I consider that progress.)

  4. You can get shirts at Marks Work Wearhouse, and Eddie Bauer that are the same way. I paid about 10$ apiece for them, but they are NIIIICE!

  5. Yeah remember the one with all the little buttons you would depress, one for each channel…i also recall playing colecovision and intellivison home vidieo games thinking it can not get any better than this…i think it was Al C who had all the cool stuff…i know he had the pay cable…cause it was at his house that i first saw much music when it started..oh yeah those early music vidieos were sooo coool…..

  6. I remember a time when I had to flick a switch to turn on the lights or the windshield wipers in my car. Now all that needs to happen is for it to go dark or rain a little bit and I don’t have to do anything.

    Also, one guy was telling me that his parents car had one of the first designs of cruise control. It was a needle that you would set on the speedometer and if the car would accelerate or decelerate away from that desired setting, there would be this annoying buzzing sound.

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