Those Silly Americans

Americans Are Dumb, a blog about dumb things Americans do and say. George W. Bush is, of course, the site’s mascot.

I only report what I find, my oh-so-kind American readers. Canadians Are Dumb doesn’t exist… yet.

7 Replies to “Those Silly Americans”

  1. Oh, don’t be bashful, Jody. Your site has long has street cred with its AKA of the same name. :) Don’t tempt me to Google bomb you. You know how quick we Yanks are, ho-ho, to start bombing things.

    Kidding, for the love of our shared heritage in beating down natives and over-fishing!!

  2. oh do I miss the “Dead Dog Cafe”, speaking of us oh so tolerant Canadians, friday i heard an old clip…

    Jasper Friendly Bear…

    Top reasons natives are important to Canada…

    1. so law inforcement agencies can have live target practice.

    2. so young non aboriginal couples will have an unending supply of adoption babies..

    makes ya laugh….but then makes you think

    my apologies and thanks to tom king and the former dead dog cafe gang.

  3. you are an idiot!
    Posted Tuesday, May 9, 2006, 10:18 am A.T.
    Permanent Link | Author: travis

    Hahahaha.. Sad.

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