Thumbs Up to “Tremé”

I finished watching the first 10-episode season of HBO’s Tremé last night, and I recommend it if only to groove out on some fantastic New Orleans music. It’s from the creators of The Wire and it shows. The acting and the production are authentic. Each episode feels like a revelation. It’s like visiting New Orleans, though I’ve never been there. I’ve never been to Baltimore either, but I feel like I know it from watching “The Wire.” If you’re looking for a similar viewing experience, you might want to check out “Tremé.” The post-Katrina storyline isn’t nearly as intense as anything in “The Wire,” but with the final episode of season 1, they’ve set the scene for a potentially great series.

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  1. We’re up to episode 4. This is rich, rich, rich. Mr. Mean lived in New Orleans back in the ’70’s. He was fresh from Calgary so it was his first foreign post. He wasn’t going to watch it…but he’s hooked.

  2. Yup, it’s a good show. It feels like a behind-the-scenes visit to New Orleans, or at least one neighbourhood in New Orleans. It’s only 10 episodes, so I’ll probably watch them all over again just before season 2 begins to air.

  3. We recently finished watching season 2. I can understand why some people might have a hard time getting into it. It’s not episodic like most series. But it’s good enough to get renewed for a 3rd season.

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