tim blanksFashion File seeks ‘star’ host to take show in new direction (link to CBC story removed due to it no longer being available):

Long-time host Tim Blanks is leaving the show [Fashion File] after 17 years to pursue a new opportunity…
[The producer] said he is seeking a host with confidence, resourcefulness, a great voice and the star personality needed to create a new image for the show.

Fashion File is a staple of every Canadian adolescent male, and not because of an interest in fashion.

Before the age of easily accessible porn, one was either lucky enough to have a dad that hid a stash of Playboys and Penthouse magazines, or even better, having a friend (thanks Tom!) who had a dad that collected porn movies; or watching television shows that MIGHT show something titillating. The swimsuit episodes were the best, which usually aired in the Fall.


  1. Mr.Tom has declined to comment in regards to this erroneous accusation….his family was a wholesome christian family exemplfing all those traits demonstrating expemplary family values….

    Jesus when we cleaned out the house last year…when the porn was removed.. I think we heard a collective unconsious sigh from a generation of 1970 and 80s porn stars…those not dead from aids…

  2. I remember my mom ordered sports illustrated for me when I was like 12. The very first issue I received was the swimsuit issue with Elle McPherson on the cover. Ah, the days before the Internet :)

  3. I was always confused as to why the commercials were all for make-up and clothes and stuff. I thought (and think) that the commercials should be for power tools and 4-wheel drives. I mean, THAT’S the biggest hitter for those shows!

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