Tiny applications

With CDs taking over the use of 1.44mb floppies, these tiny applications may not draw as much interest any more.

What is a tiny app?
As defined by this website, a tiny app (application) is software weighing 1.44mb or less. This ranges from the miniscule Tiny IDEA (a mere 448 bytes), to the awe-inspiring QNX demo disk which pretty much fills a floppy.
To qualify for TinyApps, a program must:

  1. Not exceed 1.44mb
  2. Not be adware
  3. Work under at least Windows 9x (this does not apply to non-Windows apps, of course).
  4. Not require the VB/MFC/.NET runtimes. Also, preference is given to apps which are 100% self-contained, requiring no installation, registry changes, etc.
  5. Preferably be free, and ideally offer source code. Shareware will only be listed if there is no freeware alternative.

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