To You Facebook Users

This entry is coming from Steel White Table (SWT), the website Phillip and I (mostly Phillip) maintain.

Facebook automatically posts new SWT content – I rarely login to Facebook, and I never manually post content to Facebook.
So if you’re commenting on my Facebook content here (if you’re reading this in Facebook) I’m likely never going to read it.

So No: I did not go to Cuba. That was Philllip.

And No: I am not a bee keeper. That was Phillip.

Facebook sucks! Visit Steel White Table for all your entertainment needs!

This has been a public service announcement.

Postscript from Phillip (not Jody): Jody is one of my Facebook friends, but I block his news feed because the only things that show up from him are posts from Steel White Table, which I already know about. So if you leave any comments (to me) through his Facebook account, chances are I’m not going to notice them or respond to them. If you want to leave a comment, do it here, not on Jody’s Facebook account. I’m not much in love with Facebook either, but, meh, I can tolerate it.

3 Replies to “To You Facebook Users”

  1. I get more comments on facebook than my own blog. If the facebook comments would automatically be reposted back to my blog’s comments I’d be fine with it. Since facebook is a black hole then to hell with them.

  2. I was going to look into that functionality – there must be an api to pull comments off facebook and insert them into your website.

  3. Let me know when you find it. I just discovered on facebook there is an rss feed for my notes, but haven’t found one for my note comments yet.

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