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  1. Awesome.

    Have you seen the Tom Waits-related blog? Tom Waits For No Man
    (I think I saw it on J-Walk – they posted the clips the other day, and I I laughed my fool head off when he talked about making up a war)

  2. I just checked out the Tom Waits For No Man blog. I went there before but didn’t stick around, didn’t like the design. But I just checked out the AOL link (I think it was) the guy posted which allows you to listen to the entire REAL GONE cd — which I did, and I recorded it. Strange that the record company would post a good quality copy of the entire CD (including the ‘hidden’ track) that can easily be copied and burned off. I’ll probably get the CD eventually, but I know plenty of people who would be just as happen with this burned off copy. It’s not a perfect digital copy, but I’m listening to it right now, and it’s not bad.

  3. the man is a gifted artist– but the last album is hard to listen to. some songs are awesome, but some are just painful. my kid descirbes it as scary. not as bad as “blod money”, but you get my drift. i always go back to “small change” or “mule variations” when i need a tom fix. but i do love and and adore the man, no matter how loud he screams…um…sings.

  4. Tom Waits’s latest album, REAL GONE, doesn’t do much for me either. One or two gems, but even then, nothing he hasn’t done before. I’d like to see him try a quiet acoustic album — for a change, an older, wider, scratchier EARLY YEARS perhaps.

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