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It’s as exciting as it sounds. I recorded this video on my Sony Cyber-shot digital camera (not a video camera). The picture and sound quality suck. Then I had to compress it down to a WMV before uploading it to YouTube, so don’t expect high quality here.

The tomato plants have been in my green house for six weeks. Before that they were tiny transplants that I put out in the green house during the day and brought in at night for two weeks. I didn’t take photographs of my tomatoes this year, but I’ll come back in a month and record another stimulating video to document their growth.

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  1. Does anyone else see a big icon that looks more like a hot water bottle than a movie camera displayed above?

    I wonder why it’s like that? YouTube usually displays a screenshot.

  2. Cherry tomato alert! If you’re growing cherry tomatoes, make sure to prune the plants as you normally would (see video), but don’t forget to check the bottom part of the plant, because that’s where new plants are likely to sprout up, and it’s easy to miss. I had to cut off 3 large tall stalks from my cherry tomato plants this morning.

  3. Rather than review your tomato video on SWT, I wrote my review directly on Youtube. I believe “Ass” and “sucks” were used extensively. Dear God: Please give me back the 2 minutes and sixteen seconds of my life I spent watching this video. Replace with free porn videos. Thank you God.

  4. I’m thinking this “tommy’s brudder” character is tommyboy’s alter-ego; that is, it IS tommyboy, with the sarcasm level set to 11.

  5. I got my video camera fixed today. My real video camera. I’ll go out and video tape my tomatoes again — this time in high-res! Stand by…

    (I think I smell a new SWT video series on the brew here.)

  6. i wish it were jody it would make me more interesting…but alas no….brudder boy was here for a day and half on his way to winnipeg to a new posting…he was suppossed to take pictures of his swt mug at various points in the journey but i do not think this has come to pass….

    phillip what or how is one to prune tomato plants

  7. > phillip what or how is one to prune tomato plants

    If you watched the video, you wouldn’t need to ask. I’ll post a new video on pruning later tonight if I can.

  8. The second tomato plant video is being uploaded to YouTube right this second. This is so exciting!!! It includes an excellent example of how to prune your tomato plants. And Tom, you will definitely want to prune your plants. Without pruning, you’ll get a bunch of small, under-ripened tomatoes, which blows.

  9. I’ve never gardened or landscaped before this year. I have been taught nothing, so I had no idea that I was supposed to prune. (BTW, if you prune tomatoes, do you tomato prunes?) In any case, I found the video very educational… well, at least somewhat educational. I think I have listed my landscaping/gardening photos before, but just in case… These are all from the beginning of the summer, so I will have to update them with some more recent shots. We have had a few tomatoes, but as soon as they ripen, the animals (rats, mice, birds, bunnies, and/or squirrels) get to them. So, it seems that if I want to eat my tomatoes, I have to pull them from the vine before they are completely red and let them ripen inside. I have a couple of cucumbers that are the largest I have ever seen. They aren’t quite ripe yet, but I’ll try to get some photos and post them soon.

  10. Sol, I don’t think cucumbers ripen in the normal sense the way, say, tomatoes ripen. You can pretty much pick a cucumber any time, even when they’re small. My father grew cucumbers, among other things, when I was growing up. They grew like weeds, often rotting on the ground because we couldn’t eat them or pickle them fast enough. I remember the larger they got, the more bitter they became.

    You have critters eating your veggies? That’s nice — if you’re talking rabbits and other natural wild life. I’m sure that makes gardening a little more challenging.

    If my tomatoes don’t ripen on the vine this year, I plan to pick them green and NOT let them ripen inside. I still have pickled green tomatoes from last year’s crop, and they’re delicious. The perfect condiment. Here’s a pic.

    Pruning your tomato plants will stop them from growing wild all over the place, and you’ll get bigger tomatoes instead of a bunch of little ones. I have to prune mine every couple days, because the shoots that spring up and take over the plant (instead of going into the tomatoes) grow fast. I have a “big beef” tomoato plant that I didn’t prune early, and it’s split off into two plants. It’s HUGE. It’s amazing. But it probably won’t produce many tomatoes. We’ll see. I’m sure I’ll post another exciting video about it.

  11. Updated my garden photos today. All the photos after Sonny in the grass are new. Ok, so you can pick a cucumber at any time, but what happens when it is still yellow? Check out this one: It’s ginormous, but it’s yellow! You are now the second person to tell me that if they get too big, they won’t be any good. I guess I have a huge, bitter pickle now. Oh well. This year was designated as experimental.

  12. Okay, except when they’re yellow. Are they growing in the shade?

    (By the way, I may not be the guy you should be asking about this kind of stuff.)

  13. Is tomato plant ideal should have only one stem? how often and how much water we should water the tomato plant?


  14. A im a city boy. Would you all please teach me how to prune the tomato plant such as cut off the leaves so call sucker leaves, latteral leaves etc… If you have a picture of those items will be great. When should we start to prune and trim of the leaves.


  15. This may be a stupid question but, how can I tell which one is the sucker?

    Thank you for your responce,

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