Tom’s Special Video

“Tom” is short for tomato. God, this is going to be a great video series. The following video is a sequel to (or a repeat of) this video.

And Tom (which is short for Tommyboy), watch how I prune the tomato plant in this video. Then go out and prune all your tomato plants exactly the same way. Otherwise, you’re likely to have a lot of stupid-looking tomato plants with crappy, unripened tomatoes all over the place (like my crop from last year).

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5 Replies to “Tom’s Special Video”

  1. okay phillip what am i doing wrong i try to watch this utuby thing and vidieo just starts and stops and is truely annyoying…i am now on the edge of my seat…anxiously awaiting the end of the magnus opus…thirsting for more ….i could always ask the farmers who come to market about pruning…like talk to a live farmer…but…alas…the internet is the bastion of all knowledge and i must satisfy my inquiry in this forum….

    my tomatoes seem to be growing fine…and the few i have eaten have been wonderful…

  2. oh yeah brudder boy left two days ago so i am sure he will weigh in on this exhilirating dialaogue once he is settle out west…

  3. I moved the crappy looking tomato plant outside. It went out today and it looked almost dead. So I decided I had nothing to lose, and dug a hole and stuck in a hole outside beside my fence. It’s tied to a stick to keep it from flopping over. It’s looks pretty sad, but I’m thinking it might actually do better outside. Or not. But in the greenhouse, all the tomato plants are stuck in bucket and the roots can only go so far. The plant is likely to be dead by the weekend.

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