Top News Stories In Moncton

Snow. It’s all about snow. Headlines from local news sources:

  • Local newspaper, The Times and Transcript: Will snow cleanup ever end?
  • From all News radio station, News 91.9: Moncton poised to break snow record.
  • Winter weather persists in Atlantic Canada from Global news.
  • Moncton High contingency plan may be revealed from CBC (it’ll be news for them when Moncton breaks that record).

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  1. I shovel an average of once a day. That includes a sporadic few days without any shoveling, and those days when I have to shovel 3-4 times. Then we have days like yesterday where it was 5 degrees out, and going to 5 again on thursday supposedly. It’s tempting to just shovel the end of the driveway for the rest of the stupid season. I dumped a 20kg bag of salt on the driveway yesterday, it appears to have done nothing. A little less slippy, but still a giant sheet of ice.

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