Top-paying Jobs

money shirtTop-paying jobs in the United States:

  1. Anesthesiologist: $292,000
  2. Physician/Obstetrician/Gynecologist: $222,000
  3. Psychiatrist: $177,000
  4. Nurse Anesthetist: $157,000
  5. Sales Director: $140,000
  6. Actuary: $129,000
  7. Finance Director: $121,000
  8. Software Architect: $117,000
  9. Attorney/Lawyer: $115,000
  10. Insurance Broker: $114,000

Software Architect?! That’s what I am and I’m not close to that!

Software architects are the masterminds behind the design for products and tools we use every day. There aren’t nearly enough top code masters to fill the openings that exist at nearly every major company around the world. That demand has driven paychecks for the best software architects sky-high.

“Mastermind”. I like that.

3 Replies to “Top-paying Jobs”

  1. I think that the use of “mastermind” in that sentence may have been a misprint…perhaps it was to read “masterbator”….in this context it may explain the discrepency in salary for Mr. Cairns.

    I am very suprised “radiologist” was not the highest in the medical profession…or “orthopedic surgeon”… I often tease stephanie that with a few more years of school she could have been a radiologist and then I could truely be man of leisure….

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