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TOWNES VAN ZANDTI’ve seen the Townes Van Zandt documentary, Be Here to Love Me, and it’s not exactly great. As a big fan of his music, I had high hopes. But this documentary didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know about him, nor will the film enlighten many newcomers to his music. If the filmmakers’ intention was to present the lifestory of Townes Van Zandt, they only got it half-right by presenting bits and pieces of his life; they didn’t tell much of a story.

The most interesting aspect of the DVD is the bonus material, unused fragments of interviews with Guy Clark, Emmylou Harris and others, along with performances by Townes and others who knew him. J.T. Van Zandt, the oldest son of Townes Van Zant, does a remarkable job of the song, “Nothin’.” He looks and sounds a lot like his father. Guy Clark recalls this story Townes told him about something he learned in science class in grade 3 (short clip, contains profanity).

As the only biographical film of Townes Van Zandt out there, it’s worth a look, but otherwise not what I’d call a must-see film. Too bad.

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