Toyota Matrix Roof Rack

toyota matrix roof rackI ordered a roof rack for my 2004 Toyota Matrix today. My parent’s canoe has been stored in my garage for five years, ever since they moved from a house to an apartment. I have never used the canoe, although I did canoe a lot in my youth – I loved it; but now that the kids are older, I’m feeling compelled to dust the canoe off and start using it.

The roof rack costs $195 (Canadian) plus tax at the dealer. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. although I priced them an other stores a couple months ago and I remember that price being competitive (despite being from a dealer).

Update (May 22, 2008)
: It took me about an hour to install the damn rack. They recommend it not be installed if it’s not being used, but it’s a pain to put on so I won’t be taking it off again. The horizontal screws that help tighten the clamps to the roof are a tad too wide for the slot they slide into, making it hard to judge how tight the clamp really is. I hope it doesn’t come off while I have the canoe on top. It looks nice, though.

My rack is positioned differently than in the picture on this post; mine is closer towards the front, where the one in that image appears to be towards the rear.

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