Trailer Park Boys – The Movie

trailer park boys bubbles kittenI watch two television shows: Battlestar Galactica (the 3rd seaon premiere is this Saturday) and Trailer Park Boys.

The CBC has an amusing interview with the trio from The Trailer Park Boys:

CBC: Now that you’re movie stars, have you noticed any perks?
Bubbles: We haven’t seen any yet. You’re looking at it. Old tray of dirty f—–g croissants.
Ricky: Muffins.
Bubbles: Some free pop.
Julian: No liquor here.
Ricky: We’re in these small hotel rooms and we get these little gift baskets but they just have wafers and crackers …
Julian: Fancy chocolates. No liquor.

The Trailer Park Boys movie debuts tomorrow. I think I may go see it.

I like the Trailer Park Boys because it’s filmed where I grew up, I know (of) the guys who created it and star in it (we went to the same high school), and it’s funny.

Last night on Showcase a documentary about the show’s history was on, showing how the producers have to negotiate with the network about how many fucks-per-minute they can get in an episode, trading the use of 3 “cocksuckers” for 1 “fuck”, etc. There are SERIOUS negotiations over that type of thing.

For the movie they have a video for I Fought The Law, featuring Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee of Rush.

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