Transmitting Sound From Computer To Radio

Is there a device that allows one to transmit a webcast to the radios in their house? For instance, say I want to listen to the WWR but I don’t want to be stuck on my computer. I go to the WWR site and tune in as I usually would. Then I plug something into the back of my PC, wherever, and this thing, takes that signal and transmits it on specificed FM frequency. Then I just go out to the kitchen, wherever my radio is, and tune in, listen to WWR while I’m making supper. I know there are simple devices that transmit on a very short range in the FM band. Perhaps a device like that could be used to transmit a sound signal from one’s computer?

Does such a device exist?

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  1. a few people have made home music systems, none with a radio. but they know a lot of gadgets, thats a pretty neat idea i’ld be interesting in doing too.

  2. I meant in my comment, that they are people i know, so i will ask them. I havent been in the wwr chat lately, but i’ve been meaning to say i’ve started checking this blog daily.

    another thing to consider is just installing wireless internet in your house, if you have broadband its shouldnt cost too much. I can just move my laptop around with me in my house (and at school) and listen to wwr anywhere, its even worked outside.

    One thing i was thinking about if you start broadcasting over radio frequencies you might take over a station that your neighbors listen to, polive, airplane radio or something like that (just something to check before you do it)

  3. I’ve heard of cordless microphones (like on the Simpsons) that broadcast to FM radios in your house, but because the signal is so weak, chances are pretty much zero that it’ll reach outside your house. I remember going to a drive-in movie theatre and having to tune to a specific FM frequency in my car to hear the movie soundtrack. Same deal here, except much weaker.

  4. FM transmitter. easy enough to find, pretty cheap too i think. you plug it into your line out on a sound card, and it transmits to whatever frequency you specify.

  5. you might want to take a look at this product, it does what you need without messing with fm. you can get into trouble if you broadcast over a commercial radio station

  6. opps didnt look at the price :-) but it is what my friend recomened. another one is this one, a little cheaper, still 100 though

  7. > adapter made by JENSEN audio called the MATRIX

    This looks like it’ll work. I’ll have to check Wal-mart. Cool. I ain’t paying a hundred bucks for something though.

  8. I bet you could make one of these transmitters with gear stuck together from Radio Shack. And if all you need is an output (e.g., headphone jack), it shouldn’t have to be internet-specific. You’re probablying pay more for the Jensen thing because it’s made espeically for the internet.

    I’m gonna see what Radio Shack has in stock.

  9. $30 (Canadian) at Radio Shack. It’s called a Stereo FM Transmitter. Described as:

    Ideal for use with CD/MD and MP3 players. Transmits stereo sound from any one of these devices to an FM stereo, such as your car radio. Only 85mm x 53mm x 22mm in size. Tunable from 88.0 to 88.9 MHz. Operates on a single AA battery, sold separately.

    It operates on a batter, but it must have a power adapter too. It looks cheap. And it doesn’t say anything about range. Looks like something made for stupid teenagers with stupid MP3 players driving around in their stupid cars.

  10. this one even does VIDEO too! i wanted something like this a while back, but never ended up getting it, i just ran really long wires. :( this is still expensive tho, and god knows Line of Sight is worthless for this, why would they even make it like that?

  11. Yeah, I was searching around today and saw, I think it was at Radio Shack, a bunch of transmitters that could trasmit both audio and video. So I guess you could have your DVD player hooked up in your living room and watch it in your living room. But at the same time you could transmit the signal to the TV in your bedroom and watch it there.

    I wonder if it could re-transmit a cable TV signal to another TV? That could be cheaper than splicing cable and drilling holes all over the place for the cable to pop up in a little hole in the wall behind your TV. You could move your TV anywhere and not worry about dragging around a cable.


  12. found this product which is sold by NPR (National Public Radio, usa) as a fundraiser. it runs off batteries or included AC adapter.

    all for $29.95

    I’m getting this! been looking for something like this for a while. and Thinkgeek got rid of their transmitters a while ago…it was in the Clearance section for a month, but I had no money then! :(


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