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  1. Watch out. The mercury in canned tuna ain’t good for the brain.

    I’m working every single day for the next 3 weeks. My work as become simply a pay cheque to me now. I need a change. Just thought you should know.

  2. I am with phillip on this one…I stopped giving tuna to the kids about five years ago….I just feed them jellyfish and sea cucumbers…so they will be well adjusted to what will be in the sea in their future…of course I will eat a whole bag of edible oil product… cheetos…so ya know I am a font of dietary knowledge…stop feeding your kid tuna..feed them some kind of unicorn fish or something…seriously stay away from top of the food chain fish….eat them bottom feeders….lobster…..

    phillip…was listening to gian gomeshi today and yesterday on cbc…waiting to hear what I thought would be an obvious guest on the show…they musta cut out your segment…..damn cbc….friggin ontaritonians running that show…..

    at what point do I become one of those friggers from upper canada…been here 12 years now….unlikely to be leaving soon….

    sure made me homesick for altlantic canada listening to the show…its all nostalgia…but longning nontheless…

  3. Hey Tom,

    Yeah, they bumped me from the show — again! The bastards.

    I’m working tomorrow recording sound for someone from Sirius satellite radio interviewing all the Juno nominees. It might be fun, but god, I’m so tired, it’s difficult to get excited.

    Very slushy in St. John’s this weekend.

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