Turn Me On, Dead Man

Reverse Speech:

If human speech is recorded and played backwards, mixed amongst the gibberish at regular intervals can be heard very clear statements.
As the human brain constructs the sounds of speech, it forms those sounds in such a way that two messages are delivered simultaneously. One forwards, which is the conscious mind speaking, and the other in reverse, which is the unconscious mind speaking.
On the surface level, it can act as a sort of Truth Detector as Reverse Speech will usually correct the inconsistencies of forward speech. If a lie is spoken forwards, the truth may be communicated in reverse. If pertinent facts are left out of forward speech these may also be spoken in reverse. It can reveal hidden motive and agenda and other conscious thought processes.

Some interesting audio examples from famous speeches are provided:

I was hesitant about classifying this as science.

3 Replies to “Turn Me On, Dead Man”

  1. “One small step for mankind” was supposed to be “Man will walk in space”?

    Well, you’ve got some real creative ears if you can hear that.

  2. hmmm, this could explain a lot of crazy fanatics talking about how a band’s music sounds when played backwards….

  3. I dunno. I think most of the time those backwards things are just like looking at an inkblot or a cloud – it sounds like what your mind makes of it. Some of them just accidentally sound a bit like something, its just a coincidence

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