A new category! Annoyances will contain short posts that describe things that annoy me and probably others. For example, I’m going to add the post about drive-throughs to this category.

Send me any suggestions.

First on the list: people whining about things that annoy them. Haha. You wish. First annoyance:

Drivers who don’t use the turn-signal properly (if they use it at all): it’s a warning device, not a I-am-now-in-the-process-of-turning device. I think there are four types of turn-signal people:

  • Those who use it properly, using it as a warning that you’re going to turn a few seconds (depending on your speed) before you make the turn.
  • Those who use it JUST before they make a turn, as if the turn-signal switch is an ON button that enables them to make the turn.
  • Those who use it while they’re in the middle of the turn.
  • Those who don’t know what that rod is that’s sticking out of the steering column.

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