Two Days From Now

I’m going to see The Day After Tomorrow eventually because of the hype. The trailers make it look cool (it wouldn’t be an effective trailer if it didn’t do that), and I tend to see the major science-fiction and fantasy blockbusters if they haven’t been given negative reviews for the most part.

One reviewer writes:

Roland Emmerich must dislike New York City. After all, this is the third time he has destroyed it. The Day After Tomorrow, an ode to an apocalyptic endgame of global warming, is a good ole fashioned disaster film with modern-day special effects. It’s cheesy and unrealistic, but the disaster sequences are well crafted and some of the formulaic action sequences generate tension. The Day After Tomorrow stands a rung above Independence Day (which self-destructed in its final third) and significantly more than that above the turgid Godzilla remake.

Are there any movies to look forward to in the next six months?

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  1. this one is my last hope for movies. I’ve gone to see a few in the last couple months, but I always feel ripped off, and the last one we went to, Troy, was an hour of goddamn brad pitt closeups, and wasn’t even an overly great movie outside of that. On top of that, the opening COMMERCIALS we are being forced to pay 10$ each to watch are ripped straight from the damn TV film, so they look grainy as all hell if you anywhere in the bottom half of the theatre…. Too many things about both theatres here piss me off, i will boycott them like i have with future shop!

    Unless of course, Day After Tomorrow proves to be a movie worth paying money for… :(

  2. I wanted to see Hellboy but it was gone before I had the time to see it. I saw Van Helsing last weekend which was so silly it was funny. It’s all eye-candy now.

  3. I saw Hellboy. Funny in parts, but I could have done without it. I may have fallen asleep watching it. Here’s a list of some recent movies I’ve seen (and my IMDb rating of them):

    Man on Fire (2004) 5
    Big Fish (2003) 8
    Shrek 2 (2004) 7
    Owning Mahowny (2003) 6
    The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (1966) 8
    Untouchables, The (1987) 8
    Troy (2004) 7
    American Splendor (2003) 8
    Secret Window (2004) 7
    21 Grams (2003) 8
    Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) 9
    Jersey Girl (2004) 5
    Hellboy (2004) 6
    Ladykillers, The (2004) 5
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) 8
    Secretary (2002) 7
    Love Liza (2002) 7
    Passion of the Christ, The (2004) 6
    Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004) 3
    Lost in Translation (2003) 7
    Something’s Gotta Give (2003) 7
    Cold Mountain (2003) 7

  4. I thought Owning Mahowny was better than a 6. I also enjoyed Hellboy, but only because of Ron Perlman. Same thing with Secret Window, which was only interesting because of Johnny Depp. Sometimes a good actor can make a sub-par script seem bearable (though I’d give both of those movies a 6). Phillip and I are going to see The Day After Tomorrow today.

  5. The first Barbershop movie was good, funny as hell is parts. I saw the 2nd one without reading any reviews first. I can’t wait to see Soul Plane. I know that’s gonna be good.

  6. Saw DAY AFTER TOMRROW. I don’t plan to see it again. If you’ve seen the trailers, you’ve seen the movie. There were about 20mins total of cool special effects shots. I’d wait for the video.

  7. So what did you think of it of the movie, Jody?

    I rented “Blue Velvet” last night because my Independent Movie Guide gave it a top rating. It put me to sleep. It was boring and dumb. I saw it when it first came out back in the 80s and remember thinking it was a cool movie. (I used to like “Gilligan’s Island” too.) The only David Lynch movie I’d recommend is “The Straight Story,” written by his wife, which means it’s not weird for the sake of being weird. Sometimes I like weird movies, but not when they’re pointless. The first time I saw “Wild at Heart,” I thought it was funny and entertaining (I saw it in the theatre). The second time, when I saw it on video, it didn’t seem nearly a good.

  8. The Day After Tomorrow was intense, predictable, and enjoyable. There are a lot of stupid elements to the story (knowing the purpose of the wolves escape, seeking medicine in a russion container ship in the middle of New York City, the useless cancer kid sub-“plot”…)

    The best part: where a few characters drank the 12 year old scotch (although you had to have a good eye to see it was The Balvenie, which I was happy to notice, instead of them using the ubiquitous Glenfiddich). Ian Holm’s scenes seemed to make the movie credible, to a small extent.

  9. I thought it would be more intense and more action. The best part was when the guy who looks like Spider-Man said, “I’ll distract the wolves and then you guys lock make sure to lock them out.” I don’t think was supposed to be funny, but it was. The movie took itself a bit too seriously. I also liked the part where they drank the 12-year-old Balvenie. I’m glad it wasn’t Johnny Walker. I thought Balvenie’s main stock was a 10-year-old.

  10. I thought the science they used was silly, but it made me look it up to confirm I was right in thinking it being silly.

    Yeah, their main stock is a 10 year old, but they do have a 12.

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