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2 Replies to “Unaired 1994 Pilot Episode of 24

  1. I don’t watch “24” and have no interest in it, but I watched it anyway:

    It has nothing to do with the television show. It’s a spoof on the today’s technology compared to that of 1994. Funny.

    You should state that shit! More people may watch it.

  2. I love the perforated paper and the modem noise. I remember back in 1991 I connected my Packard Bell 386 SX 16Mhz machine a Sierra hotline to get tips on how to beat Search for the King or Leisure Suit Larry or Police Quest. When my mom noticed a $34 phone bill with calls to Calf. I had to spill the beans.

    I can also remember being at the university when they got 4 new Pentium 75 Mhz machines in the Computer Labs. I thought games like Quake couldn’t run any better than the machines we had. Then before I knew it, Pentium II and then III. Then every time those stupid Blue Guys would come on a commercial, I had my father-in-law telling me how he saw these Blue Guys live in Boston. He would tell me the story every time like I had never heard it before. Then he would get pissed Michelle cause she would inform him, “Yeah, we already know. You told us like 1 Million times already.” How the hell did I get on a subject about my Father-in-law?

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