My Vasectomy is a pictorial description of a guy’s vasectomey:

For various reasons, we decided to have a vasectomy in Feb 2001.
Pros: No more children, no more condoms, very convenient, a day trip out to clinic.
Cons: No more children, surgery, the possibility of complications, £250 (about $375).
There is a fair amount on the Web describing what happens, but there is very little to show you what actually happens.

Each page contains a Squeamish rating for the next page in the journal, which is an excellent idea.

I haven’t been able to steel myself for anything after the second page.

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  1. About a month after I had my vasectomy my wife got pregnant. After giving my Dr. a semen samp he said that there were a few sperm but they were dead and that it only takes one live one to do the job. Now it is 6 years later and I have had sex with a different woman and she tells me she is late. Can I still get a women pregnent?

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