Vegetarian Fast Food

Me, I can’t usually eat ’em ’cause my girlfriend’s a vegetarian, which more or less makes me a vegetarian; but I sure love the taste of a good burger.

– Pulp Fiction

My wife’s a vegetarian, so I’m in the same boat as Jules. As a result, we’re limited to restaurants that serve meatless dishes, which isn’t easy. Most places offer salads or stir-fries, but they get boring. Here are brief reviews of common places to eat with vegetarians in mind:

  • Tim Hortons: they’re EVERYWHERE in Canada, known for their coffee and associated lingo: single-single, double-double, etc. You don’t even have to say “coffee” when you order it, just “A medium single-single” or “A medium one-and-one” will do. They started offering soups and sandwiches a few years ago, but only recently offered a vegetarian sandwich. I don’t like their bread; it smushes together when you bite into it, squeezing the contents out the side. I hate that. They have donuts, of course; nice, lard-laden donuts.
  • Subway: a favorite of my wife’s because you know you can get a custom made submarine sandwich. Always a safe bet, although they could use more vegetable variety.
  • Pizza: these vary widely, with some serving the standard fare: onions, green peppers, mushrooms… Then there are those with an excellent variety: pesto, Portobello mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, etc. When we find one of those pizza joints, they become a favorite.
  • Chinese food: many places substitute meats for tofu, which we were surprised to discover.
  • Chicken and Ribs chains: Swiss Chalet, Don Cherry’s… these are chains that server mainly meat dishes like roast chicken and ribs. They sometimes offer pasta or Mexican dishes that are meatless, but not often. Don Cherry’s has a good vegetarian selection, Swiss Chalet doesn’t.

We rarely go the other popular fast food restaurants.

Fast Food Restaurants Vegetarian & Vegan Dishes provides a good overview of vegetarian options at many restaurants.

5 Replies to “Vegetarian Fast Food”

  1. re: “donuts.”

    We call them doughnuts in Canada.

    I usually eat pizza with at least two meat ingredients on it, but I enjoy a veggie pizza just as much. If you’ve got a good tomato sauce (and always fresh ingredients), you’ve got a good pizza. You don’t need meat.

    Given the choice, I eat at Mr. Sub. And if I’m going to have a veggie sub, I might as well just order a salad, because what’s the difference?

    Stimulating topic this is.

    At home I eat, and love, beet soup and chick pea tomato soup, both with fresh rosemary. Deadly.

  2. I saw it on some chevy chase movie. I’ve only seen two episodes of fear factor and both times didn’t think the stunts would cause most people much fear.

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