Violent Video Games (i.e. What I Want For Christmas)

God Of War for PS2Family Media Guide Identifies Top 10 Ultra-Violent Video Games of 2005:

At the start of this year’s holiday shopping frenzy, parents should be prepared to check their kids’ gift lists very carefully. Because this year, some of the most ultra-violent video games ever created are being made available.

God of War‘s violence stunned me when I first saw it, but I quickly got over it.

I suspect this list is also a lot of gamers’ What I Want For Christmas list.

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  1. In fact, that is the exact game I keep almost buying but stoping myself because I don’t have $50 to spare right now. Violence and sexual content aside, it’s supposed to have amazing gameplay. I’ll probably end up with a used copy for $20 in a week or two but then I won’t be able to play it because the kids are always around or sleeping.

    A friend asked me at work, when I was in the middle of Grand Theft Auto III, if I didn’t think those games were dangerous. I replied then, “I think it’s a kind of sandbox for anti-social behavior. …I hope so.” With over 12,000 days without shooting a cop, I was right for myself anyway.

  2. The gameplay is intuitive and easy; you can pick it any time and get in to it; however, it’s linear: it isn’t an RPG or even a FPS-type game; you have to follow the path laid out for you, but it’s a great path. The creators put a lot of work in making it cinematic, laying out the story in logical pieces. The art work is stunning. My only complaint is some of the missions and battles are tedious: kill the three medusas before you can enter the temple; hit the minotaur in this exact spot and do this exact sequence of events to kill it… some of it became tedious.

    It’s still cool.

  3. Personally, I’d rather like a RL RPG, for playing with friends. Particularly, this one :)

    Or, while we’re at computer games… – will be awesome once I get it, I loved the first 2 parts. – this is what I’m playing right now. – nooooo! don’t … tempt me … again…! Ah well, I’ll be back!

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