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This is the most useful — definitely the most used — teenie-weenie application on my PC: Volumouse.

I use it to change the volume on my PC without having to click anything. I use it to change the Master Volume and the Wave volume, but it can be easily configured to change the volume of anything that has a volume control on your PC. And if you really want to get fancy, you can use it to adjust all kinds of other things — which I won’t get into, because I’ve never done it. But it’s a useful, unobtrusive little application.

It’s free and it doesn’t prompt you for updates or ask you to register for anything. It takes 5 seconds to install it and about 30 seconds to configure it do whatever you want it to do. I adjust the Master Volume by using the mouse wheel and holding down the ALT key. A vertical track bar shows up during the adjustment and then disappears when I let go of the ALT key. I adjust the Wave volume by using the mouse wheel while holding down the SHIFT key. To distinguish it from the Master Volume, I have it configured to display a horizontal track bar.

I originally had it set up to adjust the Master Volume when the mouse cursor was hovering over my system tray, and the Wave Volume when it was over the desktop while holding down the ALT key. There are numerous way to configure it — and it’s easy.

An excellent little program for adjusting various volumes on-the-fly. I use it every day.

Download link for the Volumouse setup file.

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