Voluntarily Fighting Fires

I attended an Riverview Fire Department Badgeorientation session for volunteer firefighters this evening. Here are some interesting facts I learned:

  • You’re paid an honorarium of $1500 a year, where $1000 of that is tax free.
  • You’re given a pager and all the equipment you need. You’re essentially doing the same job as career fire fighters except you’re not allowed to drive the trucks.
  • You’re expected to attend 40% of the 250 or so calls a year.
  • You’ll receive almost the same training as career fire fighters except the training is done over a year or more.
  • To be accepted you need to pass: a physical agility test; physical fitness test; personality and oral interviews; medical entrance exams; have no criminal record.
  • The response time to get to the station if called is 3-4 minutes.

First a motorcycle and now this. I don’t know what’s come over me.

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  1. Okay!

    That reminds me: the station’s chaplain is nicknamed “Holy Smoke”, of course.

    I doubt I’m going to apply for it; too many personal things going on. Maybe next year.

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