Wally Likes Legs

wally eating a bone in the snowWally, our nine month old, 120 pound Newfoundland dog, likes to hump legs, chairs, cars… anything that will stand still for him. The breeder we got him from doesn’t want us to neuter him until he’s 18 months old due to research indicating that their growth can be disrupted due to hormone imbalance. Or something.

Unfortunately, he’s at the adolescent age where he wants to mate with everything, and when that something is a leg from a 130 pound human, the human can become flustered about dealing with a 120 pound bear-like dog. Fortunately, Wally is a gentle giant and a forceful shove gets him off, but still, it can be intimidating for people who aren’t used to dogs that big.

I think the main problem is that of dominance – he’s humping anything that won’t resist him.

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  1. I am somewhat disturbed that I am encountering feelings of arrousal while reading this post…

    120 pounds…my dog is overweight at 40 lbs

  2. Back in high school, Tom was just like the guys in this video. You didn’t want to go near him sometimes because you never knew really what was going on… down there.

  3. I am taking a pill for that now…its all fine…kinda…mostly..gotta go…

    I am still laughing at the video….

  4. I used a training collar on Otis. Even after being fixed, he still humped peoples legs if they were wearing wool socks. Now, don’t think we zapped Otis all the time with the collar, because we didn’t. The way it works is you give them a warning beep when they are doing something you don’t like. When they continue, then you give them a jolt. The jolt isn’t bad, I tried it on myself and it is more unpleasant then painful. If you give the warning with the command, then you should be able to have them trained by command within a week. We use to use the collar when Otis would leave the yard. We would beep and call him once and that is all it took to get him back home. Collars run around $100 dollars and there is a 30 day guarantee on them. They come in different sizes as well.

  5. Oh my Jody.. is he getting really bad?? I know the landseer from the other litter we had last March who lives in Ontario is said to be 150lbs.. but I am sure and hope that is exagerated.. but he is going through the same thing. He is begging me to give the ok to have him neutered in fear of no one ever visiting him again or that they may loose their virginity to the dog!! If you can hold out for a little bit longer it would be great.. and even after he is neutered.. the fetish for legs or anyone bent over may never go away…. lol. Comforting huh?? He should calm down though aftewards. If he is doing it to your kids though.. be strict with him.. and if you are still having trouble.. go get him done. The kids are most important!! Kyrsten :0))

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