Wanna Buy A House Or Two?

  • 140 Logan Lane
  • 757 Frampton Lane

They’re not my houses. A co-worker heard I hosted other people’s websites on my dreamhost account and he was interested in creating sites for two houses he’s selling. “Sure”, I says, telling him what he needs to do to buy a domain. I then created an account for him.

I’m considering buying land and getting a house built. I hate having a house (30 years old) that requires lots of maintenance and upgrades, plus I think my house is too big.

6 Replies to “Wanna Buy A House Or Two?”

  1. I hope the pictures of kevin’s house were taken around xmas time.. Otherwise the lightbulb trim doesn’t really add anything to the look.

  2. hey, why is this Christina Sears person advertising these houses at my work too? that is far too much free advertising!

    i’d get the one on frampton if i didn’t already have one…

  3. year eight of my anti house owenership campaign….only twenty five more years to go…better yet the “owners” of the house now give me a paycheck for the next 3 and half years one third of which is tax free…i am living the dream….i was goina buy land…but got addicted to old beat up motorcycles instead…

  4. After all those times greg mentioned his neighbours, why would anybody want to live around there? Cause greg is the good one, he tells ya! It’s his neighbours that were all crazy, ya know!

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